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SheSkillz Global?

We want to welcome you to our platform, SheSkillz Global, where professional women from all over the world will in the near future get the opportunity to promote their skills and achievements, for companies and organisations, to connect and engage with a supportive community. Companies, institutions, and organisations that request the same skills will easily find these female talents. Next to this, we are inviting experienced women and men to mentor women worldwide to support them in their career development and take out their full potential.

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Our Mission & Vision

Isabella Raunigk, Brand Experience Director - SheSkillz Global


Our goal is to create a platform where companies requiring skills and talent can match with all the clever women with the required skills.

World Economic Forum, conclusion > 130 years for gender equality, should in 2022 be taken for granted. But, the report shows men have channels to promote themselves, so on SheSkillz Global, to help balance the genders better. All who identify themselves as women or no gender can promote their skills, competence, and experiences. This to show that women can, will, and are good enough to take a place “at the table” on all levels of an organization. Vision: “A world where talent has no gender.” When this is reached, we promise to open the platform also for men.


A world where talent has no gender


We unlock the full potential of female talent with our unique platform that focuses on the achievements and potential of professional women and matches them with career opportunities.

Anja Lampret, International Recruitment and Mobility - SheSkillz Global



We are on a journey to "a world where talent has no gender". Everyday we are one step further in transforming our beliefs and behaviours, cultivating the diversity of our talent, experiences and personalities.


We dedicate our time and energy to realizing the vision of an included society. No matter the sun or the rain, we are ready to meet the challenges and support shifting social paradigms.


We can rely on each other. Facing social challenges requires solidary decisions in many areas at the same time. With our trust in the collective effort, we dare to speak up for social development and innovation.


We open our space for mutual empowerment and joint action. This is how we learn every day that the more of us come together, the more we can transform the social fabric and make the impossible - possible.

Why be part of SheSkillz Global?

The SheSkillz Global-Team


Guro A. Johnsen

SheSkillz Global Founder, CEO

SheSkillz Global Board, February 2023 (photo: private archives, Johnsenskillz AG, the owner of SheSkillz Global)

We are an international team of experienced executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and two software companies, actively working towards realizing our vision of “a world where talent has no gender”. Our diverse backgrounds and mutual trust translate into innovation and forward-looking results of inclusion. Our Board Members: Kristin Marie Felde, Tunde Johnson, Christian Russ, Anne Marion, Thomas Schmidt, Sabine Schilg, together with Guro A. Johnsen, SheSkillz Global Founder and CEO.

Anne Marion

Chair of Johnsenskillz AG,
French and a former consultant and a banker with global senior executive positions.

Dr. Stefan Jung

Responsible for bringing the idea into concept. R&D Manager and consulting experiences.

Thomas Schmidt

Our CFO,
former CEO of a bank, Partner in start-ups

Tunde Johnson

Business owner,
former executive global legal and compliance officer, different board positions. Our legal responsible.

Luis Sanchez de Leon

Former executive global Sales and Marketing, Serial entrepreneur.

Petter H. Johnsen

CEO Presight AS,
IT company, based in Stavanger Norway

Srikanth Mukala

CEO, Hamsahitech Pvt.Ltd,
A software company based in Pune India

Jürg Brand

Lawyer, business owner and investor

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Despite women being better educated than ever before, they still encounter an uneven playing field in most countries and industries. Opportunities for female talent and companies to match. Offering mentoring network, where experienced professionals actively support the career of their female mentees allowing them to move ahead in their careers.

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